Security issue on PHPBB

Overall going back 15 years to 2007 with the original release of 3.0 phpBB's security record has been outstanding. I'm going to guess that ...

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phpBB extension that allows users to be able to hide their profile. Permissions based and admins and mods always have the ability to view a users profile.

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phpBB security

Hi, Some members of my board complain of receiving emails containing private information which is in their profiles, for example the date of ...

Security - phpBB

This is built in function in phpMyadmin. Open the database if it's not already open and select the phpbb_posts table. Click the search tab on ...

Securing the forum and exposing to the internet - phpBB

Can anyone think of anything else I should do before exposing the forum to the internet? Is there a checklist somewhere, something that ...

Phpbb : Security vulnerabilities, CVEs

Unspecified vulnerability in phpBB before 3.0.4 allows attackers to obtain sensitive information via unknown vectors related to the lack of password prompts for ...

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When speaking about security, you should have in mind that phpBB is an open source software, which means that its code can be accessed by everyone.

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phpBB is free and open source forum software that is easy to use, powerful, and highly customisable. Our community offers extensive support to end users.

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Hi I was wondering if anyone can check my forum for any security issues? I want to make sure its all safe before getting ads for it. Thanks!

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Allow php in templates: If this option is enabled, PHP and INCLUDEPHP statements will be recognised and parsed in templates.